Monday, January 28, 2008

Week 1: Page 3

It was a lovely wedding... until Lynn leapt in to the bride's arms... *le sigh*
We don't have an heiress yet ... time to patch up the relationship... again...

Naturally with all the making up.. we have a little one on the way.. this was one tough pregnancy... keeping her alive was so much work I thought for sure she was having a multiple birth.. especially seeing how I had just put in the TTQ mod the day before.

Do you see what I was dealing with? And this is a good moment.. sheesh...

Yet when the moment of truth came...

It was only a single birth... darn! that means i have to go through this again... gah!

Introducing the spare heir - Sean LeTourneau

I can't wait to see what next week brings us... because this week was tough!
Before I go, a few last things. Forrest did get a job and a few promotions in the job field of his choice and Shaunna got a job as a dance instructor.

See you next week.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Week 1: Page 2

"Well Shaunna, what do you think of your man now?"
"Looking good, Babe. Looking very good... " Shaunna smiles, leans in for a soft kiss and playfully bites his bottom lip. "Lets send these people on their way... its time to christen our home."

I always found it odd how sims forget they've been together once they get home from uni... Forrest is no exception.. he acted like he was a virgin all over again.. pfft whatevers..

Unfortunately for me ... Shaunna's other lovers from college have come to pay her a visit ... while Forrest was home.. now mind you Shaunna has enough class not to hop in bed with others while he is home and is it really her fault that they tend to flirt with her mercilessly?

Most of the week I had to spend patching their relationship. Had I not done that... they would not be engaged... wait .. are they engaged?

Ah yes, they are.. i thought so .. just making sure you're up to date on all the goings on and such...
Oh lets skip to the wedding shall we?

Yes we shall ...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Shaunna: Week 1

Shaunna has had an interesting time at the university. To follow her story you would have to go to the story Over There. We join her now as she has reached her new home. All grown up and ready to start her life.. on her terms. With a few nudges from me.

Shaunna Phish
Cancer - Romance
LTW: 20 simultaneous loves

*Mentally taps Shaunna on the shoulder planting an idea in her head... call Forrest... invite him over*
And so it begins... her first week was rather ... eventful.. fun things like watching the waves, building a home and ... well here.. let me show you...

While her welcome wagon entertained themselves, her beau from college came over and agreed to move in...

Forrest LeTourneau:
Scorpio - Fortune
LTW: Space Pirate

Shaunna and I agree.. we are far from impressed with his choice of transition clothes..

Shaunna attempts a direct approach to the current problem. "You're going to have to do something about your... appearance." She notes his hesitation and continues. "While the llama head was part of who you were in college, it isnt who you are now. You're my man and if you want to continue to be my man... that head has to go."

Forrest sighs softly and weighs his options... he could keep the llama head that he's had since his freshman year and lose the woman he loves... or he could ditch the head, possiblly marry the woman of his dreams and live happily ever after... the decision is clear. "I suppose it is time to put the college things behind me. We are adults now. Okay Shaunna, you mean more to me than any silly llama head. I'm going to go downtown and pick up some new clothes and maybe get a hair cut."

Hmmm... this could be good... or bad... lets see how he turned out.