Sunday, January 27, 2008

Week 1: Page 2

"Well Shaunna, what do you think of your man now?"
"Looking good, Babe. Looking very good... " Shaunna smiles, leans in for a soft kiss and playfully bites his bottom lip. "Lets send these people on their way... its time to christen our home."

I always found it odd how sims forget they've been together once they get home from uni... Forrest is no exception.. he acted like he was a virgin all over again.. pfft whatevers..

Unfortunately for me ... Shaunna's other lovers from college have come to pay her a visit ... while Forrest was home.. now mind you Shaunna has enough class not to hop in bed with others while he is home and is it really her fault that they tend to flirt with her mercilessly?

Most of the week I had to spend patching their relationship. Had I not done that... they would not be engaged... wait .. are they engaged?

Ah yes, they are.. i thought so .. just making sure you're up to date on all the goings on and such...
Oh lets skip to the wedding shall we?

Yes we shall ...