Monday, January 28, 2008

Week 1: Page 3

It was a lovely wedding... until Lynn leapt in to the bride's arms... *le sigh*
We don't have an heiress yet ... time to patch up the relationship... again...

Naturally with all the making up.. we have a little one on the way.. this was one tough pregnancy... keeping her alive was so much work I thought for sure she was having a multiple birth.. especially seeing how I had just put in the TTQ mod the day before.

Do you see what I was dealing with? And this is a good moment.. sheesh...

Yet when the moment of truth came...

It was only a single birth... darn! that means i have to go through this again... gah!

Introducing the spare heir - Sean LeTourneau

I can't wait to see what next week brings us... because this week was tough!
Before I go, a few last things. Forrest did get a job and a few promotions in the job field of his choice and Shaunna got a job as a dance instructor.

See you next week.


Shaunna said...

roflmao! I can't believe Forrest forgot about me...ME?! /sigh

He did turn out hawt tho post llama head so I can see why sim me fogave him for that missight.

Now I hope she can sweet talk him into sticking least till baby #2. :D

Thanks for blogging this! I am on the edge of my seat.

Bubbs said...

LMAO!! What a hottie! Shauna did good, too bad I jumped into her arms. *snicker* At least she was already pregnant at that time. HAHAHA! Sean is cute, look at those brows!

Did you think we would ignore this part? Nope!

ruby said...

No Lynn, you jumped in to her arms at the reception .. she wasn't preggers yet.. and she still needs another kid.. oy the work i have ahead of me LOL